Lecture in Botany - Previous Questions and Answers

1. Heat shock proteins were originally described as protein produced in response to heat stress. Some are known to act as

a) Molecular chaperones that regulate protein folding
b) Protein Tyrosine kinase protein
c) Protease that degrade uniquitone tagged protein
d) GTPase activating protein 

2. M13 is a
a) Plasmid vector
b) Viral vector
c) Cosmid vector
d) Phagemid vector 

3. Which of the following is having a proteinaceous infectious agent?
a) Virioids
b) Mycoplasma
c) Virus
d) Scarpie 

4.Which component of transcribed RNA in eukaryotes is present in the initial transcript but is removed before translation occurs?
a) Intron
b) 5’cap
c) 3’ poly A tail
d)Ribosome binding site

5. Differential distribution of photo assimilates in different sinks of the plant is called as
a) Separation of assimilates
b) Storage of photo assilmilates
c) Assimilates partitioning
d) Photo assimilates consumption 

6. Redox Potential value (E0) of NAD/NADH system is
a) -0.1 V
b) +0.1 V
c) - 0.32 V
d + 0.32 V 

7. Which of the following is not a component of mitochondrial electron transport?
a) Ubiquinone
b) Cytochrome
c) Cytochrome b6
d) Cytochrome a3

8. Which of the following plant has become an important research tool to plant molecular biologists?
a) Arabidopsis thaliana
b) Brassica campestris
c) Xanthium strumarium
d) Lathyrus odoratus 

9. Which of the following GA is immediate precursor of all other GA’s in plants?
a) GA1
b) GA2
c) GA10
d) GA12 

10. What would be the frequency of AABBCC individuals from a mating of two AaBbCc individual?
a) 1/64
b) 1/12
c) 1/16
d) 1/8 

1-a, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a, 5-c, 6-c, 7-b, 8- a, 9-d, 10-a

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