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PSC HSST Botany Exam Questions

1. Key enzyme in PCR
a) Taq polymerase
b) Eco R1
c) Restriction endonuclease
d) Ligase
2. Rootless plant
a) Rhizophora
b) Azolla
c) Salvinia
d) Grass
3. Father of green revolution in India
a) Linnaeus
b) Haberlandt
c) K. Ramaih
d) M. S. Swaminathan
4. Which of the following is a petrocrop
a) Jatropha
b) Fossil
c) Limestone
d) Crotalaria
5. Verticillaster inflorescence is found in
a) Apiaceae
b) Rutaceae
c) Apocyanaceae
d) Lamiaceae
6. Botanical database for plant specimens
a) Tropicos
b) Linux
d) Plant
7. The giant nature of salivary gland chromosomes is due to
a) Endomitosis
c) Amitosis
d) Meiosis

8. Palm oil is obtained from

a) Borassus flabellifer
b)LInus usitatissimum
c) Ricinus communis
d) Elaeis guinensis
9. Biological plastic
a) A cellulose, amylase, galactose
b) Cutin, lignin, suberin
c) Pectin, cutin, gelatine
d) Cellulose, hemicelluloses, agarose
10. Diagrammatic representation of an organism arranged according to their size is called
a) Genotype
c) Idiogram
d) Phenotype
1. a) Taq polymerase
2. c) Salvinia
3. d) M. S. Swaminathan
4. a) Jatropha
5. d) Lamiaceae
6. a) Tropicos
7. a) Endomitosis
8. d) Elaeis guinensis
9. b) Cutin, lignin, suberin
10. c) Idiogram
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