MCQ on Genetics and Plant Breeding (Lecturer in Botany Questions)

11. A mating is expected to produce 50% heterozygotes and homozygotes is
a)BB X Bb
b)BB x Bb
c)both a and b
d) bb xbb

Ans: c)both a and b

12. The codons which collectively code for the same amino acid

a) Synonymous codons or Degenerate codons
b) Initiation codons
c) Termination codons
d)Triplet codons
Ans: a) Synonymous codons or Degenerate codons (Refer: Genetic code)
MCQ on Genetics and Plant Breeding (Lecture in Botany Questions)

13. How many  triplet codons can be made from the four nucleotides A, U, G na d C containing one or more uracils?

Ans: c)37/64
Uracil represents 1 among 4 nucleotides, the probability that uracil will be the first letter of the codon is 1/4
The probability that U will not be the first letter is 3/4. 
The probability that no of the three letters of the codon are uracils is (3/4)3
The number of codons containing at least one uracil is 1 (3/4)3
1 - (27/64) = 37/64

Ans: c)37/64
14. Given the antisense DNA codon 3'TAC5', the anticodon that pairs with corresponding mRNA codon could be
d)none of these
Ans: c)3'UAC5' 

15. The highest number in Ophioglossum reticulatum

b) 2n=1206
c) 2n=1026
d) 2n=1620

Ans: a)2n=1260 (Refer : Chromosome number)
16. Sewall Wright effect refers to random fluctuations in the gene frequencies in
a)Small population
b) Large population
c) Ecosystem
d) None of these

Ans: a)Small population
17. What is LD 50?
a) Mutagen kills 50% treated materials
b) Mutagen kills 50% un-treated materials
c) Lose of 50% chemicals
d)Low dose of semi mutagen
Ans: a) Mutagen kills 50% treated materials
18.The central Tuber Crops Research Institute located
a) Trivandrum
Ans: a) Trivandrum

19. The method of section of plants from population by their Phenotype
a)Mass Selection
b)Pureline Section
c)Clonal section
d)Both a and b
Ans: a)Mass Selection
20. a nodal organisation in India to coordinate all the activities related to plant collection, introduction, documentation and sustainable management of germplasm
Ans: a)NBPGR

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