MCQ on Plant Anatomy and MIcrotechnique (Lecturer in Botany Questions)

50. A layer which helps in the opening of anther
MCQ on Plant Anatomy
a) Tapetum
b)middle layer
c)epidermal cell
d) endothecium
Ans: d) endothecium
51. The following one sclereid s is found in the seed coats of Pisum sativum
b) Brachysclerids
c) Osteosclereids
Ans: c) Osteosclereids
52. Secondary cortex is
a) Phellogen
b) Phellum
c) phelloderm
d) complementary cells
Ans: c) phelloderm
53. The pollen tubes enters through the nucellus by a process
a) porogamy
b) chalazogamy
c) mesogamy
Ans: c) mesogamy
54. DPX stands for
a) Dilute  Primary xylol
b) Distrene Prime Xylene
c) Destrine Plasticiser Xylene
d) Dilute Plastic xylol
Ans: c) Destrine Plasticiser Xylene
55. Haematoxylin belongs to which category?
a) Acidic stains
b) Neutral stains
c) Basic stains
d) All of these

Ans: c) Basic stains

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