MCQ on Plant Physiology, Biostatistics and Biophysics (Lecturer in Botany Questions)

56. Cells which are involved in the lateral transport of solutes
a) parenchyma cells
b) leaf traces
c) foliar trace
d)transfer cells
Ans: d)transfer cells

57. If respiratory substrate is fat and oil, what will be the RQ?
a) 0.7
d) infinite
Ans: a) 0.7

58. Biosynthesis of ethylene from
MCQ on Plant Physiology

a) methionine
b)mevalonic acid
d) cysteine
Ans: a) methionine

59. Water in non cyclic photophosphorylation is used for
 a) excitation of chlorophyll
b) Hydrolysis of ATP
c)Oxidation of NADPH
d)Reduction of chlorophyll
Ans:  d)Reduction of chlorophyll

60. The first TEM was designed by
b) Smith
c)Knoll and Ruska
Ans: c)Knoll and Ruska
61. A graph which containing frequencies in the form of vertical rectangles?
a) frequency curve
b) frequency polygon
c) histogram
d) both a and b

Ans: c) histogram

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