GATE Biotechnology - Biochemistry Previous Questions and Answers

1. During lactic acid fermentation, net yield of ATP and NADH per mole of glucose is

a)2 ATP and 2 NADH

b) 4 ATP and 2 NADH

c) 2 ATP and 0 NADH

d) 4 ATP and 0 NADH

2. The degree of inhibition for an enzyme catalyzed reaction at a particular inhibitor concentration is independent of initial substrate concentration. The inhibition follows

a) competitive inhibition

b) uncompetitive inhibition

c) non competitive inhibition

d) mixed inhibition

( competitive inhibition and Non competitive inhibition)

GATE Biotechnology - Biochemistry Previous Questions and Answers

3. An alternative to glycolysis pathway is

a) glyoxylate pathway

b) citric acid cycle

c) gluconeogenesis

d) pentose phosphate pathway

4. Match the following.

P. Glycolytic pathway                           1. Chloroplast

Q. Eukaryotic oxidative metabolism     2. Glyoxysomes

R. Glyoxylate cycle                               3. Mitochondria

S. Calvin cycle                                      4. Cytosol

a) P- 1, Q- 2, R-3, S-4

b) P- 2, Q- 3, R-4, S-1

c) P- 4, Q- 3, R-3, S-1

d) P- 1, Q- 2, R-3, S-4

5. In zinc finger proteins, the amino acid residues that coordinate zinc are

a) Cys and His

b) Asp and Glu

c) Arg and Lys

d) Asp and Arg

6. Which one of the following is an ABC transporter?

a) Multidrug resistance protein

b) ATP synthase

c) Acetylcholine receptor

d) Bacteriorhodopsin

7. Amino acid residue which is most likely to be found in the interior of water soluble globular protein is

a) threonine

b) valine

c) histidine

d) aspartic acid

8. Levinthal’sparadox is related to

a) protein secretion

b) protein folding

c)protein trafficking

d) protein degradation

9. Disaccharide molecule that contains beta 1-4 glycosidic linkages are

a) sucrose and maltose

b) sucrose and isomaltose

c) lactose and cellobiose

d) maltose and isomaltose

10. Which one the following amino acids has three ionizable groups ?

a) Glycine

b) Leucine

c) Valine

d) Lysine

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1. c) 2 ATP and 0 NADH

2. c) non competitive inhibition

3. d) pentose phosphate pathway

4. c) P- 4, Q- 3, R-3, S-1

5. a) Cys and His

6. a) Multidrug resistance protein

7. b) valine

8. b) protein folding

9. c) lactose and cellobiose

10. d) Lysine

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