HSST Botany 2018 - Previous Year Questions and Answers 1-50


1. Branched, Filamentous extensively growing protonema is the characteristic feature of the class
A) Anthocerotopsida B) Bryopsida C) Hepaticopsida D) Bryophytes

Ans: B) Bryopsida

2. Appendiculate scales and ligules are present in
A) Pellia B) Anthocerose C) Marchantia D) Riccia

Ans: Deleted Questions

3. Lycopodium is commonly call as
A) Peat moss

B) Club moss
C) Moss

D) Resurrection plant

Ans: B) Club moss

4. What is the name of steles of Pteridophytes where Phloem found on both side of Xylem ?
A) Siphonostele

B) Dictyostele
C) Solenostele

D) Amphiphloic Siphonostele

Ans: D) Amphiphloic Siphonostele


5. The smallest Gymnosperm
A) Zamia pygmea

B) Cycus circinalis
C) Dioon edule

D) Taxus buccata

Ans: A) Zamia pygmea

6. Cycus wood is

A) Monoxylic B) Haploxylic C) Manoxylic D) Pycnoxylic

Ans: C) Manoxylic

7. Which of them is small size tree ?

A) Gnetum ula

B) Gnetum gnemon
C) Gnetum latifolium

D) Gnetum mondanum

Ans: B) Gnetum gnemon

8. Prof. Birbal Sahni is known as
A) Father of Indian Palaeobotany

B) Father of Palaeozoology
C) Father of Palaeopalaynolgy

D) Father of Indian Botany

Ans: A) Father of Indian Palaeobotany

9. Which type of fossil is the coal ?
A) Petrifaction B) Impression C) Incrustation D) Compression
Ans: D) Compression


10. Which among the following is not a fossil gymnosperm ?
A) Williamsonia B) Glossopteris C) Rhynia D) Cordaitanthus

Ans: C) Rhynia

11. Which is not a virus disease ?
A) Mumps B) Diphtheria C) Rabies D) Herpes

Ans: B) Diphtheria

12. Bacterial transformation is first described by
A) Joshua Lederberge B) De Herelle C) Griffith D) Woolman

Ans: C) Griffith

13. Name the single-stranded RNA virus
A) T-even phage B) TMV C) G Virus D) T-odd phage

Ans: B) TMV

14. Red algae belong to the class
A) Phaeophycea B) Bacillariophyceae
C) Xanthophyceae D) Rhodophycea

Ans: D) Rhodophycea

15. Which among the chlorophyceae member is a floating freshwater form ?
A) Caulerpa B) Cephaleuros C) Oedogonium D) Bryopsis

Ans: C) Oedogonium

16. Cystocarp is the reproductive structure of
A) Sargassum B) Pinnularia C) Polysiphonia D) Spirogyra

 Ans: C) Polysiphonia

17. Normal number of Ascospores found in a Ascus
A) 8 B) 2 C) 4 D) Numerous

Ans: A) 8

18. The Fungi which is used bereaving industry
A) Saccharomyces B) Rhyzopus
C) Aspergillus D) Agaricus

Ans: A) Saccharomyces

19. Which class of fungi lack sexual reproduction in their life cycle ?
A) Zygomycota B) Deuteromycota
C) Mastigomycota D) Myxomycota

Ans: B) Deuteromycota

20. Which among the following fungi is not an edible one ?
A) Agaricu bispous B) Pleurotus Osteatus
C) Auricularia auricula D) Amanita phalloides

Ans: D) Amanita phalloides

21. The causative organism of ‘Mahali’ disease of Arecanut
A) Phytophthora palmivora B) Pyrcularia oryzae
C) Fusarium udum D) Aspergillus niger

Ans: A) Phytophthora palmivora

22. Name the viral disease among the following.
A) Rust B) Wilt C) Yellow mosaic D) Soft rot

Ans: C) Yellow mosaic

23. It is not a disease of Coconut.
A) Bud rot

B) Grey leaf spot
C) Stem bleeding

D) Abnormal leaf fall

Ans: D) Abnormal leaf fall


24. Systemic fungicides are chemicals acting on
A) External pathogens

B) Internal pathogens
C) Soil pathogens

D) None of the above

Ans: B) Internal pathogens

25. In a collateral vascular bundle
A) Xylem and Phloem are in different radius
B) Xylem and Phloem are in same radius
C) Xylem surrounds phloem
D) Only xylem is present

Ans: B) Xylem and Phloem are in same radius

26. The cambium present in the primary vascular bundle is known as
A) Secondary cambium

 B) Inter-fascicular cambium
C) Fascicular cambium

D) None

Ans: C) Fascicular cambium

27. The lateral roots in Dicots are originated from Xylem and Phloem are not in same radius
A) Epidermis B) Pith C) Cortex D) Pericycle

Ans: Deleted

28. Of the following which a killing and fixing fluid

A)FAA B) DPX C) PDA D) Xylen

Ans: A)FAA


29. FAA among the following which is the stain obtained from an organism
A) Fast green B) Sudan Red C) Carmine D) Safranin O
Ans: Deletion


30. The mounting media ‘Canada balsam’ is obtained from the plant
A) Pinus roxburghii B) Abies balsamea
C) Cedrus deodara D) Larix sibirica
Ans: B) Abies balsamea


31. Monosporic 8 nucleated female gametophyte is found in
A) Adoxa B) Polygonum
C) Onion D) Fritliiaria
Ans: B) Polygonum


32. ‘‘Genera Plantarum’’ was published by
A) Theophrastus

B) C. Linnaeus
C) Jerome Bock

D) Bentham and Hooker
Ans: Deletion


33. The weak region in the exine of a pollen grain is known as
A) Stomium B) Slit C) Colpae D) Sporeoderm
Ans: C) Colpae


34. Pod is a characteristic fruit of the family
A) Malvaceae

B) Commelinaceae
C) Cucurbitaceae

D) Leguminosae
Ans: D) Leguminosae


35. Tricarpellary Syncarpous ovary is the characteristic feature of the family
A) Papilionaceae

B) Euphorbiaceae
C) Poaceae

D) Asteraceae
Ans: B) Euphorbiaceae


36. Among the following which plant belong to family Myrtaceae
A) Syzygium jambos

B) Leucas biflora
C) Mitragyna parvifolia

D) Tridax procumbens

Ans: A) Syzygium jambos

37. The characteristic fruit of Poaceae

A) Pod B) Berry C) Nut D) Caryopis
Ans: D) Caryopis


38. Among the following which is not a oil yielding plant
A) Brassica campestris

 B) Arachis hypogeal
C) Corchorus capsularis

D) Linum usitatissimun
Ans: C) Corchorus capsularis


39. What is the botanical name of Mung ?
A) Phaseolus radiates

B) Cicer arietinum
C) Pisum Sativum

D) Cajanus Cajan
Ans: A) Phaseolus radiates


40. Use and Disuse theory was
A) Charles Darwin

B) Francesco Redi
C) Jean-Baptiste Lamark

 D) Greoger Mendel
Ans: C) Jean-Baptiste Lamark


41. Phylloclade is the modification of
A) Root B) Stem C) Leaf D) Flower
Ans: B) Stem


42. The pioneer community in a Xeroscere
A) Phytoplankton

B) Curstose lichen
C) Peat Moss

D) Floating hydrophytes
Ans: B) Curstose lichen


43. Vital index of a population is the ratio of
A) Birth × Death × 100

B) Birth – Death × 100
C) Birth / Death × 100

D) Birth + Death × 100
Ans: C)

44. Of the following which is not a word to describe different growth forms of a community
A) Phanerophytes B) Saprophytes C) Therophytes D) Chamaeophytes

Ans: B) Saprophytes

45. Among the following which is a positive interaction between two population
A) Competition B) Antibiosis C) Commensalism D) Predation
Ans: C) Commensalism

46. The First Global Conference on the depletion of ozone layer was held in
A) London B) Montreal C) Helsinki D) Vienna
Ans: D) Vienna


47. Minamata epidemic disease happened in Japan and Sweden was due to consumption of fish contaminated by
A) Mercury B) Lead C) Phosphorous D) Cyanides
Ans: A) Mercury


48. Among the following which is a physical pollutant
A) Radioactive substance B) SPM C) Pesticides D) PCBs


49. Knock-knee syndrome is due to
A) Lead pollution

B) Mercury pollution
C) Fluoride pollution

D) Solid waste pollution
Ans: C) Fluoride pollution


50. What is the safe noise level of city fixed by WHO ?
A) 20 dB B) 90 dB C) 150 dB D) 45 dB
Ans: D) 45 dB

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