Cell Organelles and their Function Matching Game

All organisms, from bacteria to blue whale are made of cells. Basically, there are two types of cells; Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic.

In prokaryote, pro means (first formed) karyote means (nucleus): Genetic material, DNA is not surrounded by a membrane, or it is scattered in the cytoplasm. Eg: bacteria

match the organelles to their functions

In Eu (true) karyote (nucleus): Genetic material DNA is surrounded by a nuclear membrane. The other major difference is the presence of organelles like mitochondria, golgi apparatus etc in eukaryotes or division of labour is there. Imagination is the key in understanding this wonderful minute structure that makes us alive. In this game, you have to match the organelle with their functions.

Video on 15 Difference between Plant Cell and Animal Cell

                     Animal Cell Structure and Function poster and PDF 

                       Plant Cell Structure and Function poster and PDF 

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