ICAR ARS NET Previous Questions on Agricultural Biotechnology

41 Pure line theory was given by
a) Bateson
b) Johannson
c) Mendel
d) Morgan
42. Which of the following enzyme is used for making cDNA
a) DNA ligase
b) Taq polymerase
c) Restriction enzyme
d) Reverse transcriptase
43. The chemical used as an inducer of the vir operons is
a) Kanamycin
b) Hygromycin
c) Pencillin
d) Acetosyringone
44.“9+2” describes the basic structure of which of the following one
b) Flagellum
c) Mitochondria
d) Lysosome
45. The organelle that functions in the breakdown of cells and tissues is the
a) Centrosomes
b) Centriole
c) Lysosome
d) Liposome
46. An example for naturally occurring Auxin
  a) IAA
b) ABA
c) BAP
d) 2, 4-D
47. A general method to confirm expression of transgene at translation level  is
a) western blotting
b) northern blotting
c) eastern blotting
d) southern blotting
48. The browning of culture medium induced by some explants can be prevented by the addition of
a) GA
b) 2-4-D
c) IBA
d) PVP (polyvinyl pyrollidone)
49. Which of the following is not used as a cryoprotectant
a) glycerol
c) polyclar
d) PEG
50. Anther culture provide a method for the production of
a) polyploidy
b) heterozygous line
c) apomictic line
d) homozygous line
51. The first stable product of photosynthesis
a) glucose
d) 3PGA
52. Oxidation of water during photosynthesis involves
a) PSI
b) PS II
c) both
d) none of the above
53. Which one of the following chemical causes frame shift mutation
a) 2-amino purine
b) hydroxylamine
c) 2 bromo uracil
d) acridine orange
54. The restriction enzyme useful to the molecular biologist belongs to
a) Type I
b) Type II
c) Type III
d) both a and b.
55. A good molecular marker must be
a) polymorphic
b) heritable
c) both a and b
d) none
56. Shortgun approach is used in
a) gene mapping
b) DNA sequencing
c) gene transformation
d) genomic library
57. The length of Okazaki fragments in E.coli are about
a) 100-200 nucleotides
b) 500-1000 nucleotides
c) 1000-2000 nucleotides
d)10000-100000 nucleotides
58. The sigma factor of RNA polymerase in E.coli involved
a) RNA synthesis
b) promoter binding
c) transcription initiation
d) binding with template DNA
59. The Casparian stripes is present in
a) epidermis
c) cortex
d) root hair
60. Flavr Savr is a variety of
b) tomato
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Answers: 41-b, 42-d, 43-d, 44-b, 45-c, 46-a,47-a, 48-d, 49-d,50-d, 51-d, 52-b, 53-d, 54-b, 55-c, 56-d, 57-c, 58-b, 59-b, 60-b.
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