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21. Endochitinase can be used as an
a) Antibacterial
b) Antiviral
c) Antifungal
d) Antinematodal
22. The direct DNA uptake by the protoplast is stimulated by the chemical
a) Cellulose
b) Sucrose
c) PEG
d) Mannose
23. Which of the following is an herbicide resistant gene?
a) Bar
b) Hpt
c) Chitinase
d) oxidase
24. Restriction enzymes that cuts straight across the DNA produces
a) Nick
b) Sticky ends
c) Blunt ends
d) None of these
25. Lambda has short single stranded 5’ projection of
a) 8 nucleotide length
b) 10 nucleotide length
c) 12 nucleotide length
d) 14 nucleotide length
26. In Agrobacterium mediated plant transformation which one of the following is used to check the Agrobacterium growth
a) PPT
b) Kanamycin
c) Timentin
d) Pencillin
27. The T-DNA region of all the Ti and Ri plasmids are flanked by direct repeat sequence
a) 15bp
b) 20 bp
c) 25 bp
d) 35 bp

28. During Agrobacterium infections the plant cell begins to synthesise an Arginine derivative called as
a) Hygromycin
b) Opines
c) Acetobenzylpurine
d) Acetosyringone
29. During Agrobacterium transformation the T-DNA is coated by protein, which is the product of gene
a) Vir B
b) Vir C
c) Vir D
d) Vir E
30. Most commonly used strategy to develop transgenic plant against any viral disease is to engineer a
a) Anti sense RNA for viral genome
b) Coat or capsid protein gene
c) Direct DNA transfer to viral gene
d) Liposome Mediated transfer of viral RNA
31. The vir region is organised into six operons viz., vir A, vir B, vir C, vir D, vir E, vir G out of these which four operons are required for virulence
a) A,B,C,D
b) B,C,D,E
c) C,D,E,G
d) A,B,D,G
32. Replication of DNA by rolling circle mechanism give rise to a
a) Blunt end DNA
b) Theta structure
c) Concatamer
d) Single strand DNA with nick
33. . The gene transferred from E.coli to tobacco to increase the level of manitol is
a) Manitol dehydrogenase
b) Manitol carboxylase
c) Manitol oxygenase
d) Manitol hydrolase

34. Relaxed plasmid
a) Have only single copy per cell
b) Cannot be purified
c) Does not exist in bacteria
d) Have multiple copies per cell
35. Which of the following is a green tissue specific promoter?
a) Pea vicilin
b) Arabidopsis small subunit of RUBISCO
c) 35s CaMV
d) Bean phytahemaglutinin
36. In vitro packaging is required for which one of the following vector
a) BAC
b) YAC
c) PAC
d) None of these
37. Cosmids have the Cos site of
a) Lambda
b) Plasmid
c) ML3
d) YAC
38. Thiobacillus thioxidans grows on
a) Irron
c) Aluminium
d) Pyrites
39. An example of commercially important primary metabolites is
a) Toxin
b) Alkaloid
c) Amine
d) Alcohol
40. Secondary metabolites like antibiotics are not essential for
a) Log phase growth
b) Exponential growth
c) Both a and b
d) none of these
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21. c) Antifungal
22. c) PEG
23. a) Bar
24. c) Blunt ends
25. c) 12 nucleotide length
26. c) Timentin
27. c) 25 bp
28. b) Opines
29. d) Vir E
30. b) Coat or capsid protein gene
31. d) A,B,D,G
32. c) Concatamer
33. a) Manitol dehydrogenase
34. d) Have multiple copies per cell
35. b) Arabidopsis small subunit of RUBISCO
36. c) PAC
37. a) Lambda
38. d) Pyrites
39. d) Alcohol
40. c) Both a and b


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