5 Differences between Hormones and Vitamins (Vitamins vs Hormones)

Vitamins are natural compounds with specific complex chemical structure except a few like P-aminobenzoic acid and nicotinic acid.
They are also organic compounds with different structures.
They are synthesized in various plants and supplied to the animal body chiefly through food.
Animal hormones are produced in the body by endocrine glands.
Plant hormones (Phytohormones) are synthesized in different parts of the plants or apical meristems, from where they are trans located to other parts.
They have catalytic action
They have no catalytic action
They have no specific influence on growth.

They have specific influence on growth.
They influence growth and metabolism through direct nutritive effect.
Nutritive effect is not involved in case of hormones.
Each vitamin is related to a definite disease which is caused due to its deficiency. Its cure is effected only by the supply of that vitamin.
Each hormone is related to the growth of definite organ. They perform and control various affects in the animal body. Plant hormones perform other functions like growth, rooting, cell division etc
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