Abzymes, Synzymes and Ribozymes


Definition: Abzymes are antibody molecule with catalytic activity.

In biotechnology, an artificially created antibody that can be used like an enzyme to accelerate reactions.
An abzyme (from antibody and enzyme), also called catmab (from catalytic monoclonal antibody), is a monoclonal antibody with catalytic activity.

Abzymes are potential tools in biotechnology, e.g., to perform specific actions on DNA.


Definition: Synzymes are synthetic polymers with enzyme like function.

Also called as artificial enzymes

A synzyme has a substrate binding site and active site. Both these sites are synthesized separately and assembled together to form a complete synzyme.

Synzymes may be derivatives of certain proteins. Polylysine and polyglutamic acid etc can act as synzymes under natural conditions.

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