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91. Vinblastine, a chemotherapeutic agent, inhibits
(A) microtubule polymerization
(B) microtubule depolymerization
(C) spindle formation
(D) actin polarisation
92.The antibiotic that resembles the 3' end of the charged tRNA molecule is
(A) Tetracycline
(B) Puromycin
(C) Kanamycin
(D) Steptomycin
93. Which one of the following is not an antigen presenting cell?
(A) dendritic Cell
(B) B Cell
(C) macrophage
(D) Natural Killer cell
94. Bird flu in last decade was caused by
(A) H5N1
(B) H3N2
(C) H1N1
(D) H2N1
95. Ultraviolet radiation causes DNA damage by formation of
(A) cytidine dimer
(B) thymidine dimer
(C) adenine dimer 5
(D) guanine dimer
96. Which one of the following microbes removes oil spills by digesting hydrocarbons?
(A) Helicobacter sp.
(B) Pseudomonas sp.
(C) Trichoderma sp.
(D) Staphylococcus sp.
97. The smallest genome among the plants listed below is that of
(A) Gossypium sp
(B) Oryza sativa
(C) Arabidopsis thaliana
(D) Arachis hypogaea
98. Porins
(A) are cytoskeletal proteins
(B) form channels which allow passage of  hydrophilic molecules
(C) are fatty acids
(D) are pores in the stem of a plant
99. nif genes which encode the nitrogenase complex and other enzymes involve
(A) ammonification
(B) nitrogen fixation
(C) nitrification
(D) denitrificatrion
100. ABA is a
(A) growth promoter
(B) stress hormone
(C) protein
(D) polyamine
91. (A) microtubule polymerization
92. (B) Puromycin
93.(D) Natural Killer cell
94. (C) H1N1
95. (B) thymidine dimer
96. (B) Pseudomonas sp. (Pseudomonas aeruginosa)
97.  (C) Arabidopsis thaliana
98. (B) form channels which allow passage of hydrophilic molecules
99. (B) nitrogen fixation
100. (B) stress hormone

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