ICMR JRF Questions and Answers

46. Receptors for steroid hormones are found
a) on plasma membrane
b) cytoplasm
c) in mitochondria
d) on ribosomes

47. HIV virus attacks
a) B cells
b) TH cells
c) Tc cells
d) Macrophages
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48. Set of genes that are originated by gene duplication
a) homologous genes
b) orthologous genes
c) epilogous genes
d) paralogous genes

49. Chromatin is made up of repetitive units known as
a) chromosome
b) nucleotides
c) chromonemata

50. During photosynthesis, evolution of oxygen is from
a) H2O
b) CO2
c) glucose
d) chlorophyll

51. Which class of RNA characteristically contains methylated purines and pyrimidines?
a. tRNA
b. mRNA
c. rRNA
d. 16sRNA

52. Km of any enzymatic reaction describes:
a. Reaction velocity expressed as mols per second
b. Dissociation constant of E-S complex
c. Amount of the enzyme required to convert half of  the substrate to E-S complex
d. Substrate concentration to achieve half of Vmax

53. A Codon consists of:
a. One molecule of amino acyl-t RNa
b. Two complementary base pairs
c. Three consecutive nucleotide units
d. Three individual nucleotides

54. One mmol of NaCI contains:
a. 35.5 g
b. 35.5 mg
c. 58.5 g
d. 58.5 mg

55. Piezoelectric crystals are used in:
a. NMR imaging
b. Crystallography
c. Ultrasonography
d. Xeroradiography

56. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique is based on the gyromagnetic property of:
a. Neutron
b. Electron
c. Proton
d. Positron

57. Hydrogen-3 is a pure:
a. Alpha emitter
b. Gamma emitter
c. Beta emitter
d. Positron emitter

58. When a positron is emitted from a radio isotopic atom, the atomic number of the daughter product:
a. Increases by one
b. Decreases by one
c. Decreases by two
d. No change

59. Which law states that: At constant temperature, the volume of a given quantity of any gas is inversely proportional to the pressure upon the gas?
a. Boyle’s law
b. Charle’s law
c. Henry’s law
d. Dalton’s law

60. Western blot is a technique used for:
a. Protein expression
b. DNA expression
c. RNA expression
d. Fat expression
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Answers with Explanation
Explanation: as steroid hormones can easily pass through the plasma membrane as plasma membrane is made up of lipids and receptors are primarily located in the cytoplasm; what about insulin? It is a protein or peptide hormone it cannot pass through the plasma membrane so receptors are on the plasma membrane surface. Hope you follow me.
47-b mycobacterium attacks macrophages
49-d (Refer: DNA packaging)
51.b, 52.d, 53.c, 54. B, 55 c, 56.c, 57.c, 58.b, 59.a, 60.a,
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