Multiple Choice Questions on Agricultural Microbiology

1.  Father of Bacteriological techniques is 
Biology Multiple Choice

a) Robert Koch
b) Gram
c) Buchner
d) Pasteur

2. In Endospore staining, which one is used?
a) Basic Fuschin
b) Indian Ink
c) Methylene blue
d) Malachite Green

3. Species of Mycoplasma are inhabited by
a) Pencillium
b) Tetramycin
c) Both
d) None

4. Actinomycetes are
a) Gram negative, aerobic
b) Gram negative, anaerobic
c) Gram positive, anaerobic
d) Gram positive, aerobic

5. Funaric acid is produced by
a) Aspergillus terrus
b) Aspegillus niger
c) Aspergillus fumigatus
d) Rhizopus nigricans

6. Wood sugar is
a) Glucose
b) Mannose
c) Arabinose
d) Xylose

7. Urea degrading bacteria
a) Bacillus pasturi
b) A. Niger
c) Micrococcus sp
d) Clostridium pasteurianum

8. Fungi used for bioassay of panthothenic acid
a) Yeast
b) Neurospora
c)  Aspergillus
d) Mucor

9. Mesophilic bacteria involved in composting
1) Bacillus  2) Cellulomonas
3) Clostridium 4) Myxococcus
a) 1, 3
b) 2, 4
c) 1, 4
d) All

10. Murein  is present in
a) Cyanobacteria
b) Methanobacterium
c) Halobacterium
d) None
Learn more:
1. a) Robert Koch
2. d) Malachite Green
3. b) Tetramycin
4. d) Gram positive, aerobic
5. d) Rhizopus nigricans
6. d) Xylose
7. a) Bacillus pasturi
8. a) Yeast
9. b) 2, 4
10. a) Cyanobacteria

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