Multiple Choice Questions on Agronomy

1.  The origin place of potato is
a) China
b) South America
c) Africa
d) Tropical America

2.  Dapog method of raising nursery of rice, has been introduced in India from
Dapog method  cultivation
a) Israel
b) Indonesia
c) Taiwan
d) Philippines

3. Gene responsible for dwarfing characters in rice is
a) Norin 10
b) Opaque 2
c) Dee- gee-woo-gen
d) Tift 23 A

4.  Green revolution has been most successful in
a) Wheat and Potato
b) Wheat and Rice
c)  Barley and Rice
d) Tea and Coffee

5. Trench method of sugarcane planting is used in
a) North India
b) Western India
c) Coastal areas
d) Waterlogged area

6. ‘Akiochi’ disease in rice is due to the toxicity caused by
a) Zinc
b) Iron
c) Phosphorus
d) Hydrogen Sulphide

7. A device for measuring percolation and leeching losses from a column of soil under controlled conditions is known as
a) Lysimeter
b) Evaporimeter
c) Psycrometer
d) Infitrometer

8. The instrument used for measuring depth of water table is known as
a) Evaporimeter
b) Odometer
c) Lysimeter
d) Piezometer

9. In dwarf wheat, sowing depth is related to
a) length of radicle
b) length of coleoptile
c) Humidity
d) Temperature

10. Soybean is originated in                    
a) China
b) Tropical America
c) Japan
d) South America

Learn more:
1. b) South America
2. d) Philippines
3. c) Dee- gee-woo-gen
4. b) Wheat and Rice
5. c) Coastal areas
6. d) Hydrogen Sulphide
7. a) Lysimeter
8. d) Piezometer
9. b) length of coleoptile
10. a) China


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