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Multiple Choice Questions on Soil Science

1. Which one of the following sets shows the correct soil order in sequence of increasing age?
Soil orders
a) alfisol, ultisol, entisol, mollisol
b) entisol, alfisol, ultisol, mollisol
c) entisol,  ultisol, mollisol, alfisol
d) entisol, mollisol, alfisol, ultisol

2. Plasticity of soil can be determined by
a) Pycnometer
b) Atterberg’s apparatus
c) Buoyoucos hydrometer
d) None of theses

3. The major organic cementing agent in soil aggregate formation is
a) Lipids
b) Proteins
c) Polysaccharides
d) Organic acids

4. Laterization is a process of accumulation in soil
a) Silica
b) CaCO3
c) CaSO4
d) Iron and aluminium oxides

5. Average content of silica in soil  is
a) 24 %
b) 27 %
c) 31 %
d) 35 %

6. Podolization is a process of accumulation in soil
a) Silica
b) Iron and aluminium oxides
c) CaCO3
d) CaSO4

7. Soil aggregation can be estimated by using
a) Cone penetrometer
b) Yoder’s apparatus
c) Atterberg’s apparatus
d) None of the above

8. Lowest category of soil classification includes
a) Family
b) Series
c) Order
d) Great group

9. ‘White alkali’ soil are
a) Saline soil
b) Acid soil
c) sodic soil
d) Saline Sodic soil

10. Which group of microorganisms have highest biomass in soil?
a) Bacteria
b) Actinomycetes
c) Algae
d) Fungi
Learn more:
1. d) entisol, mollisol, alfisol, ultisol
2. b) Atterberg’s apparatus
3. c) Polysaccharides
4. d) Iron and aluminium oxides
5. b) 27 %
6. a) Silica
7. b) Yoder’s apparatus
8. b) Series
9. a) Saline soil
10. d) Fungi
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