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Non Vocational Biology Teacher Junior and Senior Exam Questions and Answers

(Post: Non Vocational Teacher Biology Junior and Senior,
Conducted by Kerala PSC, Category 39/2011; Date of Test: 13-2-2013)
1. A technique used for investing the distribution of integral proteins within the cell membrane is
a) Shadow casting
b) Negative staining
c) Freeze-Fracturing
d) Lipoinfection
2. The word taxonomy was coined by
a) John Ray
b) A. P. Candolle
c) Carl Linnaeus
d) Aristole
3. A family of proteolic enzymes that play a crucial role in cell death phenomenon is
a) Ligases
b) Capases
c) Primase
d) Telomerases
4. The enzyme reverse transcriptase is also known as
a) RNA-dependent DNA polymerase
b) RNA polymerase
c) DNA dependent RNA polymerase
d) RNA directed RNA polymerase
5. Which of the following is not a transcription factor motif?
a) Helix turn helix
b) Zinc finger
c) Holliday junction
d) Leucine Zipper
6. Sexual reproduction is absent in
a) Ascomycetes
b) Phycomycetes
c) Basidiomycetes
d) Deuteromycetes
7. The source of Agar agar is
a) Ectocarpus
b) Polysiphoinia
c) Gelidium
d) Vaucheria

8. Persistent nucellus is called
a) Ruminate endosperm
b) Integumentary tapetum
c) Perisperm
d) Liquid endosperm
9. In tissue culture which of the following is used as chelating agent
a) Calcium pentochloride
b) Myoinositol
d) Agar
10. The major component of Diatom cell wall isdiatoms
a) Chitin
b) Pectin
c) Cellulose
d) Callose
1. c) Freeze-Fracturing
2. b) A. P. Candolle
3. b) Capases
4. a) RNA-dependent DNA polymerase
5. c) Holliday junction
6.d) Deuteromycetes
7. c) Gelidium
8. c) Perisperm
9. c) EDTA
10.c) Cellulose
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