IGCSE Biology Notes - The Taxonomic Hierarchy - Human Hierarchy

Once you named an organism you have to assign an appropriate position in a systematic frame work of classification. This frame work is called taxonomic hierarchy by which the taxonomic groups are arranged in a definite order from higher to lower categories. Each category in the hierarchy is considered as a taxonomic unit and is known as taxon.
Taxonomic Hierarchy
  • The categories used in the classification of animals are 
                               Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus , Species. 
  • BE4U TIPS :     King      Philip     Came  Over    For      Good    Spinach
  •  These categories are ranked on above the other, called Hierarchy.
  • Kingdom is the highest and species is the lowest category in this hierarchy.
Taxonomic Hierarchy of Animals
Example : Human (Scientific name: Homo sapiens)
Taxonomic position of Human                                                         
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum- Chordata
Class- Mammalia
Order - Primates
Family- Hominidae
Genus- Homo
Species- sapiens 
Taxonomic hierarchy (human taxonomy chart)

Taxonomic Hierarchy in Plants

  •  In the case of plants instead of phylum, division is used. 

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