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IGCSE Biology Revision Notes - Binomial system (Concept and use of a classification system)

Concept and use of a Classification System :State that organisms can be classified into groups by the features that they share.

• Define species: Species as a group of organisms that can reproduce to produce fertile offspring.

• Define and Describe the Binomial System
Binomial system of naming species as an internationally agreed system in which the scientific name of an organism is made up of two parts showing the genus and species. 
     There are many classification system. 
  •      Two kingdom classification proposed by Linnaeus
  •      Three kingdom classification proposed by E Haeckei
  •      Four  kingdom classification proposed by Copeland
  •     Five kingdom classification proposed by R. Whittaker
  •     Six kingdom classification (Three domain) proposed by  Carl Woese
  •     Eight kingdom classification proposed by Cavalier and Smith

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