SAT Subject Test Biology E/ M Practice Test - Cellular and Molecular Biology Quiz on Biological Chemistry

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Biological chemistry - Water and its properties- Functional groups - Carbohydrates- Lipids (fats and oils) - Proteins Structure - Enzymes -Nucleic acids
1. In the reaction rate versus substrate concentration graph below, the curve plateaus because
the cofactor is locked in an inactive conformation.
the active site is saturated with substrate.
a noncompetitive inhibitor is present
a competitive inhibitor is present.
all the substrate has been converted to product.
2. The element found in all amino acids that is NOT found in carbohydrates is
carbon (C)
sulfur (S)
3. Which of the following terms does NOT refer to an example of a weak force of interaction between two molecules?
electrostatic bond
Van der Waals bond
hydrophobic bond
hydrogen bond
covalent bond
4. Which if the following is NOT found in DNA?
deoxyribose sugar
5. Which of the following are weak forces usually associated with biological molecules?
covalent bonds
ionic bonds
hydrogen bonds
electrostatic interactions
both hydrogen bond and electrostatic interactions
6. Which of the following would NOT have hydrophilic properties?
ionized molecules
long hydrocarbon chains
polar molecules
molecules in aqueous solution
7. Which of the following is NOT a property of water?
very good solvent
hydrophilic properties
strong surface tension
density as a solid is less than that as a liquid
hydrophobic properties
8. Elements used for making molecules found in living systems must
be hydrophilic
be covalent
contain nitrogen and sulfur
be water soluble and ionic
be suitable and available
9. A polypeptide that is ten amino acid units long is split into several small fragments, and the sequences of some of the fragments are discovered. The fragments are lys-trp-arg, lys-asp-ala-gly, pro-gln-his-lys, and arg-pro-gln. What was the primary source of the polypeptide?
10. Which arrow(s) point to a peptide bond?
1 and 4
2 and 5
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