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Difference Between Living and Non living things (Living vs Non Living Things)

Characteristics Living Thingsplant Non Living ThingsZen skyscrapper
Examples: Birds, insects, plants, animals car, pen, pencil, stone

Shape and Size
Definite shape and size No definite shape and size
Cellular structure They consists of cells No cells
Organisation Have a definite organisation. There are tissues, organs, organ systems which work as an integrated unit No organisation
Growth They show growth No growth
Movement They show movement or locomotion No movement
Nutrition Need food for energy Need no food
Respiration All living organism respire.In order to obtain energy, glucose is combine with oxygen in cells. Need no respiration
Excretion Excrete unwanted materials from the body Do not show excretion
Metabolism Anabolic and catabolic reactions takes place. No metabolic changes takes place
Response Show response to stimuli Show no response to stimuli
Reproduction Reproduce young ones of their own kind Show no reproduction
Differentiation Show differentiation during development No process of differentiation takes place
Adaptations Show adaptations to changing environmental conditions for better survival Do not show any adaptations
Life span Living things have some life span No life span
Death Living beings are born, grow, reproduce and die Nothing like death occurs. They are broken down or destroyed by external forces

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