ICMR JRF Previous Questions and Answers

16.The arrangement of microtubule in eukaryotic flagella
a) 9+0 b)  9+2
c) 9+1 d) 9+3

17. First sequenced viral genome
a) TMV
b) Ø 174
c) T4 phage
d)  Λ phage

18.Kupfer cells are found in
a) Liver
b) Kidney
c) Spleen
d) DNA

19. The study of animals in outer space
a) Extraterrestrial biology
b) Altobiology
c) Exobiology
d) Aerobiology

20.  Anemometer is used for
a) measuring wind speed
b) measuring speed of sound waves
c) measuring speed of light
d) measuring current

21.Glucose absorption in renal tubule is an example of
a) active transport
b) osmosis
c) diffusion
d) secondary active transport

22. Reverse osmosis is commonly used for
a) waste water treatment
b) sewage treatment
c)industrial effluent treatment
d) garbage treatment

23. Resolution of light microscope
a) 2μm
b)20 μm
c) 20nm

24. Hepatitis B vaccine belongs to the category
a) recombinant DNA vaccine
b) recombinant vaccine
c) peptide vaccine
d) none of the above

 25. Acid fast staining is discovered by
  a) Ziehl
b) Nelson
c) Ehlrich
d) Ruska

26. Which among the following is not radioactive
a) 18O
b) 32P
c) 14C
d) 3H

  27. In prokaryotes, GTP is not required for
a) initiation of protein synthesis
b) chain elongation
c) charging of tRNA
d) termination

28. For eukaryotic protein synthesis which among the following is not required
a) ribosome
b) mRNA
c) fMet tRNA
d) IFs    

29. For genetic disease detection which among the following is not used?
a) chromosome jumping
b) linkage studies
c) chromosome translocation

30. In spectrophotometer, change of λ is performed by
a) mirror
b) lens
c) prisms
d) gratings

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