ICAR ARS NET Exam Previous Questions

1. The leaves of cotton become radish in colour due to
Ans: Decrease nutrient uptake and moisture.

2. Most widely grown rabi pulse crop is
Ans: : Bengal Gram

3. Sugarcane is planted in furrows because
Ans: It reduce lodging

4. Inflorescence of sugar cane is generally called:
sugarcane inflorescence
Ans: Open Panicle or Arrow

5. In India, which state is leading sugar producer:
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

6. Which portion of sugarcane is suitable to be used as seed/ set?
Ans: Top1/3rd to 1/2

7. Hand refrectometer reading for sugarcane maturity is:
Ans: 20

8. Which oil seed crop leads in the production?
Ans: Groundnut (33%)

9. Which state has highest production of soyabean in India?
Ans: MadhaPradesh

9. Maximum oil seed crop produced in India:
Ans: Groundnut.

10. SRI techniques was originated in
Ans: Madagascar

11. glyphosate is a --- herbicide
Ans: Non selective

12. Black soil of central high land and plateaus have high content of
Ans: Montmorillonite

13.  Deflocculation of soil particles occurs by:
Ans: Na

14. Chemical formula of Gypsum is
Ans: CaSO4.2H2O

15. For reclaimation of saline and alkaline soils------ is used
Ans: Pyrite, Gypsum

16. When Ec> 4, ESP> 15 and pH=8; the soil is called as
Ans: saline-alkaline soil

17. Iris famine in 1844, was caused due to:
Ans: Phytophora infestance (Late blight)

18.  Back heart of Potato is caused by;
Ans: Poor Ventilation in the storage (lack of oxygen)

19. Bordeaux mixture was developed by:
Ans: P.M.A Millardet.

20. Father of Hematology:
Ans: Bastian

21. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between:
Ans: Fungi and roots of higher plants.

22. Formula of coefficient of variance is
Ans: SD/Mean x 100

23. t test is generally used, when sample size is
Ans: <30

24. The student’s t test was discovered by
Ans: W.S.Gosset

25. Equality of the two population variance can be tested by
Ans: F test


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