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B- cells and T- cells

  • They arise from bone  marrow, Bursa of Fabricus (in fowl), gut associated lymphoid tissue (Peyer’s patches).
  • B-cells form humoral or antibody mediated immune system.
  • They defend against viruses and bacteria that enter the blood and lymph.
  • The stimulated B lymphocytes produces plasmablast and plasma cells.
  • Plasma cells do not more to the site of infection.
  • Plasma cells do not react against transplants and cancer cells.
  • Plasma cells have no inhibitory effect on immune system.

  • They arise from bone marrow thymus.
  • T cells form cell mediated immune system.
  • They defend against pathogens including protests and fungi that enter the cells.
  • The stimulated T-lymphocytes produces four types of T-cells:helper, killer,suppressor and memory T-cells
  • Some cells migrate to the site of infection.
  • Killer cells react against transplant and cancer cells.
  • Suppressor cells inhibit immune cells.
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