Indian Council of Medical Research Junior Fellowship (ICMR JRF) Exam

This is an exam you can aim at if you want fellowship for doing PhD or higher studies in life sciences. The exam was conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research. This ICMR JRF fellowship is indented to promote quality research in the field of Medical Sciences in India. This exam is comparatively easier than CSIR UGC JRF exam.  Remember, for lectureship eligibility still you have to qualify NET. The number of fellowships all around India is limited to 120 Fellowships would be awarded for work in the field of medical sciences with emphasis on Life Sciences (like microbiology, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, human biology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, immunology, Pharmacology, zoology, Environment Science, Botany, veterinary sciences, bio-informatics etc.).. So competition is very high.  Another 100 candidates would be selected for consideration for positions of JRF under various research schemes of ICMR (subject to fulfilling the conditions for appointment under the schemes) for the duration of that scheme. These JRFs would also be permitted to complete Ph.D. while working in the scheme, if enrolled.  The validity of result will be two years for placement in ICMR funded projects.
# Why you should write this exam?
If you qualify this exam, you will be getting a fellowship amount as similar as CSIR/UGC-JRF 16000/-  for the first two years.The  annual contingency grant up to Rs. 20,000/- per annum. You have to submit the progress report every year. At the end of second year, You have to conduct a JRF assessment and send the report to ICMR for considering you as Senior research Fellow (SRF amt:18000/-).

You should prepare a synopsis preferably with a medical background for availing the fellowship once you qualified. After your Post graduation, you will be getting a good amount as fellowship and can purse your PhD degree in reputed institutes in India. Mean time you can appear for UGC-NET for lectureship eligibility. For 4 years, you are safe as you are getting fellowship amount.

Exam Notification:March/April
Exam Month: July  
 Syllabus: same as CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF

The syllabus is primarily focused on medical science. So for ICMR, you should concentrate more on medical aspects of biology.

Exam &Question pattern:

This exam is very easy compared to CSIR UGC NET JRF Exam. Even if you prepare for CSIR UGC NET JRF exam, my suggestion is you should appear this exam also.
  • Negative marking @ 0.25 for each of the wrong answer.
  • Single Paper Test having Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) consists of 2 sections
Section A: The Aptitude Section :  50 questions (compulsory questions carrying 1 mark) on (i) scientific phenomenon in everyday life; (ii) general knowledge in sciences; and (iii) common statistics. 
Question pattern: Section A

a)The branch of science that deals with cancer is known as:

1. Serology

2. Oncology
3. Pathology
4. Radiology

b)Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo are the codiscoverers of the following virus:
1. Ebola
2. Hepatitis-B
3. Small Pox
4. HIV
Section B: The subject Specific Section in Life Sciences. Answer 75 questions out of 100 questions. Each question carries one mark.  
Question pattern: Section B
a)In which of the following tissues insulin enhances transport of glucose?
1. Brain
2. Lens
3. Red blood cell
4. Adipose tissue

b). Which class of RNA characteristically contains methylated purines and pyrimidines?
1. tRNA
2. mRNA
3. rRNA
4. 16sRNA

c). Km of any enzymatic reaction describes:
1. Reaction velocity expressed as mols per second
2. Dissociation constant of E-S complex
3. Amount of the enzyme required to convert half of the substrate to E-S complex
4. Substrate concentration to achieve half of Vmax
How to prepare?
As I mentioned unlike CSIR-UGC-JRF-NET exam this exam is more concentrated on assessing your knowledge in medical aspects of biology. So focus your studies particularly in this area. Work out previous question papers.

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