GATE Biotech Previous Questions and Answers (2013)

11 Phylum proteobacteria is subdivided into α ,β, γ,  andimage δ proteobacteria based on
GATE exam
(A) G+C content
(B) 23S rRNA sequences
(C) tRNA sequences
(D)16S rRNA sequences

12 Which one of the following is an ABC transporter? (A) multidrug resistance protein
(B) acetylcholine receptor
(C) bacteriorhodopsin
(D) ATP synthase

13 The catalytic efficiency for an enzyme is defined as
14. Of the two diploid species, species I has 36 chromosomes and species II has 28 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would be found in an allotriploid individual?
(A) 42 or 54
(B)46 or 50
(C) 74 or 86
(D) 84 or 108

15 The RNA primer synthesized during the replication process in bacteria is removed by
(A) DNA gyrase
(B) primase
(C) DNA polymerase I
(D) DNA polymerase II

16 The suitable substitution matrix to align closely related sequences is
(A) PAM 250 or BLOSSUM 80
(B) PAM 40 or BLOSSUM 80
(C) PAM 120 or BLOSSUM 40
(D) PAM 250 or BLOSSUM 40

17. Hypophosphatemia is manifested by an X-linked dominant allele.What proportion of the offsprings from a normal male and an affected heterozygous female will manifest the disease? (A) ½ sons and ½ daughters
(B) all daughters and no sons
(C) all sons and no daughters
(D) ¼ daughters and ¼ sons

18. In nature, Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated infection of plant cells leads to
       P. crown gall disease in plants
       Q. hairy root disease in plants
        R. transfer of T-DNA into the plant chromosome
        S. transfer of Ri-plasmid into the plant cell
(A) S only
(B) P and R only
(C) Q and S only
(D) Q only
Learn more:
11. (D)16S rRNA sequences
12. (A) multidrug resistance protein
13. (C)
14. (B)46 or 50
15. (C) DNA polymerase I
16. (B) PAM 40 or BLOSSUM 80
17. (A) ½ sons and ½ daughters
18. (B) P and R only

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