Important Topics for CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF Life Sciences (Must Learn topics)

Important Topics for CSIR Life Sciences

“Must Learn” Topics
CSIR-UGC-JRF-NET is undoubtedly the best quality exam you have in life sciences in India.
Why is it the toughest? The major reason is the dynamism in question pattern. We cannot predict the number of the questions from each topic or type of questions by looking through previous question papers.

And like the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” and you are here for that.
As a teacher, when my students ask me how to prepare for this exam? I often insist whatever you learn, get into the depth of the topic. Generate interest within you to know more and more about the science of life. That will take away the stress in learning.

Remember you are a life science student, not a botany, zoology, biotechnology or microbiology….. student

It is not possible to cover the entire syllabus. So from my experience I am picking out some topics that I found consistently on previous question papers. It is a hard thing still let us work it out.

CSIR exam is very tough that really increases your chance of qualifying this exam.
The below table tells us the reality. The cut-off percentage was just 47 last time.  

CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF June 2012 Cut off  Percentage
With this background my suggestion is “Each question is important” and each wrong answer will fetch you negative mark and that should also be taken care of.

•You may get a single question from the topic geological time scale. But you have to learn the entire topic. If you answer such questions you can be sure that your answer is right.

•But majority of questions are application level where the options are confusing. Don’t rush to pick out answers. Negative marks are often the major reason for not qualifying the exam.

•Take one question at a time, read and reread the question. Link options to your previous knowledge.

•I think, I will give you a list of topics that is prepared based on previous question papers and from our experience.

•Hope this will help you

The topic I found consistently on the question paper is ecology. You can expect a minimum of 10 questions. My book of choice is ‘Instant notes in ecology’ only for a quick reference.

This is my list

Don’t forget to go through the glossary of terms of standard books for each topic say Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Ecology, Immunology etc.  This is the easiest way to familiarise with the terminologies of different subjects.

DNA footprinting, this was once a question. Simply, it is a technique to find protein binding sites on DNA molecule. Any one can answer, if he or she has gone through the glossary of Gene Cloning by T. A. Brown or any book associated with biotechnology. You don’t need to know much about that. Keep in mind each right answer takes you towards your dream.

We have given GRE practice tests for Bio molecules, the pattern of GRE is somewhat similar to CSIR. Go through that questions also.
CSIR previous questions/ CSIR Practice Tests
GRE questions are similar to CSIR questions. We have given some GRE biology practice tests. So refer that questions also. Tough, but it will help you.
You can find notes for majority of topics in this site itself. Search with your keyword.
The above is a very small list. Still I think and wish,  this will help you 
Don’t get over stressed.  Workout maximum previous questions as possible. Find time to relax. Grow in confidence and that is what matters most in an exam.
And the bottom line is you may or may not qualify this exam. .. when you come out of the exam hall, you should have the feeling….. I tried my very best……. sometime everything will fall in place, at times nothing will go our way. Definitely, you will find reward for your hard work.
Wishing the very best…..
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